• EVA Air takes passengers through the starry sky to destinations around
      the globe. Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala join Hello Kitty and Melody
      on the delightful trip, making the flight fun and inviting
      passengers to reach for the stars.
      A plane carries the passengers' excitement for the trip ahead as well as the anticipation for returning home. Let the lovable members of Sanrio
      (Hello Kitty, Kiki Lala, Pompompurin and friends)
      accompany you during this part of your voyage, sailing across the vast blue sky towards your destination.
      Cute and naughty Bad Badtz Maru is exploring the world! Checking in for a cheerful flight with his friends, sun hat and camera in hand, he's off for a fun and relaxing, laughter-filled holiday.
      How about a party in the air? Leave all your worries and troubles behind when you board EVA's exclusive Celebration Flight!
      Be surrounded by members of the Sanrio family and start your journey in a joyful and delightful atmosphere.
      Hello Kitty's red bow symbolizes friendship.
      Board our Flight of Friendship Bows and let us take you around the world, exchange bows with Hello Kitty, and make friends where you go!